While you create your own testimonial, please enjoy these stories written by my own personal customers who have fallen in love with these products! 

CoreAO Stik: 

"I struggle from chronic tonsillitis. My tonsils are constantly swollen, and I get sore throats all the time. I have been drinking CoreAO for two weeks, and my tonsils have gone down in size immensely. I am no longer in pain when I swallow; it is a true miracle!" - A.A. 

"My family loves the CoreAO stiks!! I freeze them into popsicles for my kiddos, and their allergies have improved so much! My husband mixes his CoreAO into his yogurt in the morning; he loves the taste! Which is rare for him, haha!!" - H.L. 

Trim Stik: 

"I drink the Trim Stik with my lunch daily to help kick up my metabolism. I hope if you can relate to this, you will be inspired to try it and reap the benefits that I have! Thank you Alyssa for this "pick me up" you've added to my life!" - M.L. 

"I am so pleased with the Trim Stik. In 16 days, I have lost 10 pounds and 8 inches! I have so much more energy, and I do not have any sugar cravings. I haven't even had a soda!! I have no side effects like jitters or stomach issues. Unlike anything I have ever tried for sure." - G.K. 

GO Stik: 

"That GO was the!" - K.G. 

"At this season in my life, I have struggles with fatigue and metabolism. I love the taste of the GO Stik, and the energy boost in both the morning and late afternoon is just what I need. I find myself more motivated and focused to complete tasks also. I find myself looking forward to my nightly treadmill walk!" - M.L.

Soul Stik: 

"Omg, the Soul is delicious." - D.D. 

"I work in a very high stress environment, and I have struggled with anxiety for most of my adult life. I do not like to take "anxiety meds" at work because they can often make me drowsy, and I need to be alert. I have found the perfect happy medium with the Soul Stiks!!! It completely relaxes me, tastes amazing, but I still function with the high brain power I need!!" - L. P. 

Smart Stik: 

"I love the taste of Smart and Soul, especially when mixed together! When I take them, my whole body feels calm, and I'm able to focus so much better. I also see the improvement in my overall mood!" - M.A. 

"My 6 year old daughter was just recently diagnosed with ADHD. We refused to put her on medication from the psychiatrist, as we wanted a more natural approach. I am so glad Alyssa told me about the Smart Stik! We give my daughter a 1/2 stick every morning, and we have noticed amazing results. Her psychiatrist is all for the Smart Stik and was very impressed at the ingredients and their quality. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I seriously can't thank you enough." - B. W.