M Lab - Our Newest Products

We are always coming out with the latest and greatest products for our customers in the M Lab. You are able to purchase these products and provide feedback. If there is a good response, we add these items to our permanent line. How awesome that we can be involved in innovation! 

Click on the name of each product to see full nutritional info and ingredients.


An all natural sports drink for the entire family. The last thing a healthy body needs is more soda and sugary sports drinks. Thankfully, Rocket is the answer! Bursting with natural watermelon flavor, electrolyte-enhanced Rocket helps you stay hydrated while delivering additional vitamins and nutrients for your active day. 

  • Just 10 calories per serving
  • Coconut-water Powder
  • Proprietary ElectroFuel Blend 
  • Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, Sodium & Potassium 
  • All natural flavors, colors, & sweeteners 

M3Z Sleep Spray 

Our patented processes capture the unique properties of Zea mays, from the corn family, before the young plant splits from a single leaf into two. The result is a simple, powerful supplement clinically proven to support serotonin balance throughout the body. 

Just spray 6-10 times under the tongue - at bedtime, first thing in the morning, or throughout the day - and bring on the balance. 

Here's what you & your family can enjoy: 

  • Fall asleep faster, then sleep better AND longer
  • Awaken refreshed 
  • Enhanced concentration 
  • Better mood
  • Lower stress
  • Renewed libido 
  • Weight-loss support 

8N1 Daily Skin Care

Imagine if what you put on your skin could have 8 amazing benefits. Introducing 8N1! Here's how you can use it: 

  • Cleanser
  • Exfoliator
  • Hydrator 
  • Toner 
  • Brightener
  • Makeup Primer
  • Pore- Minimizer 
  • Anti-Ager
You will see visible results in just 2 minutes!